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Business Management

Product, Project & IT Management

I offer consulting services for the full spectrum of your management needs with business process engineering, product and project management and CRM.

Product Management

Complete profit and loss management of your product, budget, feature direction & requirements , research & development, infrastructure, customer feedback, training and support

Project Management

On time and within budget. I can support any PM methodology from Agile/Scrum to waterfall and anything in between. No-nonsense approach along with high efficiency and smooth collaboration ensures your project's success.

Customer Relations Management

Let's put structure and efficiency around your sales process. Whether you use or your own homegrown system let's make sure you are hitting all customer touch points, track and report accordingly.

Process Improvement

Streamline your organization. Utilizing technology or policy, let me help you maximize efficiency in your business.


Marketing & Lead Generation

I'll spare you from the marketing pitch. We'll save that for your customers' needs. Here are my marketing service offerings plain and simple!

Traditional Marketing

Direction or management of all traditional marketing needs, direct mail, print advertising, broadcast media. Produced or purchased I can help you achieve your goals and achieve your best possible ROI.


Search engine optimization is an ever changing and confusing landscape. Let me help you achieve clarity and results in this competitive space. Let's make it easy for your audience to find you and convert into customers.

Social Media Marketing

Let's help your audience advertise your product for you with the fastest growing method of customer outreach. Organic and paid strategies provide effective ways of establishing meaningful connections with your audience.

B2B & Partner Marketing

Build strong relationships with other businesses as well as establishing solid partner programs and strategies.

Design and Branding

Production: Web, Design, Branding

I offer production services for content managed websites, branding and design services. All website solutions keep security and compliance in mind.


Let's build a web presence that best represents your brand, personality and goals utilizing the latest trends. Every website provides the best possible user experience from any computer, tablet or mobile device.


Brand strategy with strong market penetration, recognition and presence is essential. It's the marriage of psychology and aesthetics. Brand design standards ensure cohesive use and representation of your company image.

Ecommerce & PCI Compliance

Aside from allowing you to sell your products online I also ensure you are compliant with all PCI standards and data security.

Support, Training & Mentoring

Let me transfer my knowledge to you. I offer mentoring services where I am happy to teach you everything I know about marketing, web tech, information security and management.

Let's solve your problems!

Accepting New Projects

This bar represents my current load and capacity. Look to the offerings listed on this page to see where I may be of service.

Marketing 35%
Web 35%
Accepting new work 30%